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SFCG’s Future in Pakistan

January 19, 2012

SFCG Pakistan Team with Executive Vice President Sandra Melone (second row, far left)

The SFCG Pakistan Team

Our team in Pakistan met in early January, joined by Executive Vice President Sandra Melone, to plan their course of action for the new year and to envision what our work in Pakistan will be in the future.  We began our work there amidst crises and political instability.  Floods ravaged much of the country and members of our staff were not immune.  One of the earliest things our team did was to bring together a majority of the FM radio stations throughout the country to enter into an agreement to produce solution oriented common ground radio programs that seek to enlighten the dialogue and not to inflame it.  This was the first of its kind and that work continues.

Members of the staff took the time from their busy activities to quietly reflect on what bringing peace to Pakistan would mean.

Here, in their own words, are some of their thoughts and reflections:

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