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John Marks to speak at Georgetown Conflict Conference

September 7, 2011


SFCG President and Founder, John Marks will be featured as a panelist at Georgetown’s ‘Conflict to Peace’ conference. John Marks will be a panelist regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Senator George Mitchell, the former US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace will be a featured speaker on that panel. Mitchell resigned from his position in May 2011, after serving over two years to broker peace in the region.

SFCG has been working toward Middle East peace since 1991 and opened its Jerusalem office in 2000.  In 2005  we created a documentary, Shape of the Future, which laid out what peace in the region could look like and how it could be achieved.  The film aired in both Arabic and Hebrew and is currently available to be streamed on Netflix.

Other topics of the conference include:

  • Post-Apartheid nation building in South Africa
  • Th Northern Ireland peace process
  • Practitioners and organizations the front lines of change

Click here for a full schedule of the event.


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