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Liberia Prepares for Upcoming Election

February 2, 2011

Women leaders in Bopolu at a town hall meeting.

Rebecca Sargent’s weekly update of conflict around the world currently provides information regarding a number of countries where Search for Common Ground works. Liberia, for example is experiencing growing concerns over the upcoming elections.  Fraudulent voter registration processes are a result of the corrupt political scene in Liberia.  In this dishonest environment, increasing concerns diminish citizens’ confidence in the countries’ leadership.  However, the media has played an instrumental role in commenting on the excesses of politicians and promoting democratic practice in the country. Voting will take place in October of this year for Liberia and in an attempt to avoid disorderly elections both presidential candidates have expressed their support for a registration awareness campaign and have pledged to respect the outcome of the vote.

Given the justified concerns of a potentially fraudulent election and the role of the media, accessible and fair information is required, which is why Search for Common Ground’s work in Liberia is crucial.  Beginning in 1997, SFCG and its media production Talking Drum Studio have become a household name.  Issues introduced in this production are programmed alongside community-level engagement and community-driven activities, which are given national media coverage. SFCG has supported a number of elections, dialogue and community capacity building in Liberia and also produces radio programs to strengthen the inclusive peace in the nation.  Along with radio programming, SFCG convened town hall meetings in different counties to share feedback, discuss the issues and discuss how they felt to take part. The continuation of SFCGs work is critical right now as Liberia approaches an election and the people look to the media for unbiased information and support.

Learn more about Search for Common Ground’s work in other countries and read more about our efforts in Liberia.

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